Cherilyn Zorrilla


Why did I start Socialvive SEO??

It all started with the intent to reach small business owners & start-up businesses. My inspiration behind it all is the ability to help build their brands from the ground up! By implementing the right marketing strategies, you can highlight what the brand truly represents. Start generating awareness using your visual voice and build a brand that stands the test of time! I want those voices to be heard and more importantly, I want them to succeed!

Competition is SKY-HIGH in today’s market. Our approach is simple… Tell Your Story!!

Socialvive SEO seeks to provide clear-cut strategies to help accomplish brand awareness & reputation. Most of today’s consumers want to know who they are buying from. It’s abundantly clear that personal connections are a huge factor in our economy today. Every business owner needs to be mindful of how each experience resonates with their audience.

Additionally, If you are running your business with the sole intent of making money while providing poor customer service, chances are you won’t prosper. We must think of each and every customer as individuals with very different customer journeys, not just a number. Implementing keen business ethics with the consumer at top of mind is where personal connections are made.

If you are ready to share your story and want to get personal, Contact us today!

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