Let’s start with the basics!


Definition of SEO :

It refers to techniques that help websites become more visible in organic search results a.k.a the people who are looking for a brand, product, or service via search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

In our digital world today, obtaining new backlinks which point to your website, are an integral component if your goal is to up your rankings to the major search engines. Naturally, though, a learning curve does exist in reference to its practices. Still, a large number of people exist out there who have little to no knowledge of SEO and how to implement it correctly for their businesses. Ironically enough, we subconsciously take an active part in what drives it daily!

Gain Visibility

Any business wants to be discover-able & a google search consisting of the “business name” is pretty cut and dry. However, to remain ahead of the competition in your industry is a bit more tactical and requires optimization strategy. Think of the terms you would use to search for a product that your business supplies. Are you known for that term? In a generic sense aside from the brand name, are you discoverable? If the answer to these questions is no, I’d bet there is an opportunity for improvement.

Socialvive SEO focuses on the most relevant & searchable terms, then utilizes each to acquire new backlinks. Rest assured, we have the knowledge & experience it takes to acquire the authoritative quality backlinks that will leave your digital footprint and let your story truly be heard!

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