Socialvive SEO’s Build Awareness Social Media Package is the first tier of Social Media Management services. The Tier 1- Build Awareness Package offers a customized scope of services that monitor your social networks and zero in on building brand awareness.

Developing a good relationship with your Target Market is essential for your overall success! Our “Build Awareness ” package is ideal for Start-Ups looking to really find their network and followers.

3 Social Channels Managed within scope:

  • Facebook


  • Twitter

The scope of work listed gives a more insightful look into what services you will receive when choosing the Tier 1: Build Awareness

Weekly Hours Spent

  • Dedicated 5 Hours per week
  • Each additional hour of time will be $25.00/hour
  • Profile creation -$50.00 initial start-up fee per platform

Platform Management & Monitoring

Updating or editing any necessary changes within each social network
Monitoring accounts for any new customer inquiries or customer issues within the social platform

Platform Posting

  • Each post will be unique and custom created.
  • 3 posts per platform, per week
  • Link to a blog post on your website

Photoshop / Image Collages

Photo arrangements created into collages using different editors to highlight products or services offered.

  • Color filters
  • Blur features
  • Grid Layouts
  • Photo enhancements
  • Slideshows

Posting Days Of The Week

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Saturday

Scheduled Out At Beginning Of Week And Added To Platform For The Scheduled Time (Pre Approved By Client, If Requested)

New Followers/Likes/Connections

  • Continually growing your fan base on each social platform
  • Promote your content
  • Develop and expand your community
  • Influencer outreach efforts
  • Development Of Brand Awareness And Online Reputation

SEO Post Optimization

Each post will be KW focused based off of the content to ensure a higher search value in search engines.

For example: “Your Business Name” will always be an included keyword
When it comes to search, keywords are the stepping stones that guide people to your website. All of your social media profiles should be places where your ideal followers (potential customers) want to spend time.

Monthly reporting & Insights

Monthly Reports will include the following:

Audience Growth
Response Rate & Quality
Engagement by Content Type
What types of content are getting the best results?
Ready to Start Building Your Brand?
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