Our Establish Your Market Package offers a more hands-on approach to Managing Social Media networks. It includes all of the mentioned services in our Build Awareness Package but also dives into ad creative and SEO Optimization techniques.  Outlined below is the scope of work for each service item.

Weekly Time Spent 

  • Dedicated 12.00 Hours weekly
  • Any additional time will be $25.00/hour, each additional hour.
  • Profile creation – $50.00 initial start-up fee per platform

Platform Management & Monitoring

  • Updating or editing any necessary changes within each social network
  • Monitoring accounts for any new customer inquiries or customer issues within the social platform

Platform Posting

  • Each post will be unique and custom created.
  • Posts will ALWAYS include a link back to YOUR website & one of the following (or both)

∗ Link to a blog post on your site

∗ Image / Image collage/ Pre-existing video (if applicable)

∗ Product or services your company offers

Posting Days Of The Week

Scheduled beginning of week & added to Platform for the scheduled time (Pre Approved By Client, If Requested)

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

New Followers/Likes/Connections

  • Continually growing your fan base on each social platform
  • Develop and expand your community
  • Influencer outreach efforts
  • Development Of Brand Awareness And Online Reputation

Photo Editing

  • Selecting
  • Editing / Positioning
  • Filtering / Cropping

Graphic creation / Video Creation

  • Business logos
  • Combining text and pictures
  • Slideshow Videos

Leads Management / Inquiry Management

  • Work on generating new business
  • Increase visibility
  • Response/follow up and lead classification

Seo Post Optimization


  • Continually using specific keywords within posts

∗For example: “Your Business Name” will always be an included keyword


** When it comes to search, keywords are the stepping stones that guide people to your website. **

KW Research & Competitor Analysis

  • Uncover keywords and backlinks driving traffic for your competitors
  • Find and research alternative search terms that people enter into search engines for similar services you offer & implementing those terms
  • Identifying popular words and phrases relative to your business and implementing those terms in posts on your social media platforms

Brand Awareness & Online Reputation


  • Defining the distinctive qualities or “image” of Your Brand and services offered
  • Ensuring customers understand your brand and what it represents
  • Customer testimonials or reviews to add on all platforms

Weekly Reporting & Insights

Weekly reports will include the following:

  • Audience Growth / Engagement by Content Type
  • Response Rate & Quality
  • What types of content are getting the best results?